There is no point spending money on a website for it to only fall on deaf ears

Without visitors to your site, your message won’t be heard. Your products won’t sell, your services won’t be learnt about and the contact details will go unnoticed.

Your website is a tool in selling your business but first it needs to be seen in order to work. Successful marketing of any business involves a holistic approach. There are many facets which need to be addressed to build traffic to your website, and one of the biggest is search engine optimisation (SEO).


This is when people search for a topic on a search engine (like google, yahoo or bing) and are then provided with options relating to that topic. Being listed early is key to getting traffic to your website. However, most people don’t understand the work that goes into getting this high ranking. Search engines use complex, ever-changing algorithms to give websites a page rank. These page rankings are what determines where your website sits in search engines.

Because of the ever-changing nature of these algorithms, and the ever-changing nature of the market, effective search engine optimisation requires an on-going approach to be of any true benefit.

A properly managed AdWords campaign is a cost effective and immediate way to generate high quality traffic for your website.
Google search results include maps and geographical locations for many keyword searches. If you offer a product or service to a particular location then Google maps and location search optimisation is essential.
Getting lots of website traffic is often not enough. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is about increasing the percentage of visitors to your website who turn into customers. This maximises marketing spend as conversion rates are improved over time.


Search Engine optimisation is essential to be found on search engines such as Google. Batchleap Techs always recommend a basic implementation of SEO practices and tools upon setup of any website.

Google Analytics and other tools allow us to monitor the websites performance and provide feedback for suggested further action if required.

This question is impossible to answer.

All that can be said is that sound SEO practices will give you the best opportunity to climb the ranks. Criteria for ranking position is always changing and your website is competing with every other website in the world with the same goal of optimal rankings.

Update regularly, Blog, Social Networking, Back linking (quality links from other sites), Promote externally.

Your site must contain original, high quality content, relevant to the keywords and phrases that you wish to rank for.



No one can promise a first place or page ranking. While there are many legit SEO companies and services, you should beware of anyone making promises, or claiming they have a ‘special partnership with Google’- particularly if they cold call or email you.

Such companies usually use ‘black hat’ techniques which will penalise your website ranking in the long term.

Yes, Social networking is a great method of generating awareness of you and your business’ activity, promotions and competitions etc.

By engaging regularly on your social network pages, you will create an interactive audience and provide valuable exposure for your business. Social networking sites also provide ample opportunity to direct traffic towards your website pages including your product, services and promotions.

Linking between social network sites and your main website will assist in increasing your position in Google.

Google AdWords are an immediate way to generate traffic to your website. A Google Adwords campaign will place you at the top of Google for the keywords that you have chosen upon a search.

The Ads are granted their position based on a bidding system meaning the competition in your industry plays a large role in the results and expense of running an AdWords campaign.

If the website is set up to generate a return on investment in the way of online sales or profitable leads, an AdWords campaign can be considered. Batchleap Techs can provide these services or advice where necessary.

Absolutely! With more than 50% of web browsing now occurring on a mobile device, the need to be mobile friendly has never been more important.

Batchleap Techs provide websites that are ‘Mobile Responsive’ meaning the website will adapt to the width of the device its being viewed on, this ensures that your site is accessible, navigable and readable regardless of the device display. Additional functions are also added such as ‘click to call’ and direct map links for mobile navigation.