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We will help you in boosting your business and drive revenue via Social Media Marketing

88% Of Businesses Use Social Media Platform. Are You One Of Them?
Join Forces With Media Fortress & Let Us Handle Your Social Media Campaigns.

Engage Your Brand With The Audience

With online medium, much has changed. You can easily interact with your target audience through the online channels. We will help you in leveraging these platforms so that you can engage your brand with the target audience. Timing is very crucial in this communication, and our experts are apt in jotting the right time for you.

Negative Perception Management

We understand how customer’s attitude can harm the company. Managing a negative perception can be a tedious job. Social media platforms can be the perfect stage to intercept the negative impression about the business. Our Social Media experts can help you in handling the cynical opinion of the consumers through Social Media.

Let Us Handle Multi-Channel Campaigns

70% of marketers claimed to generate leads via social media platform. They mostly share their content on multiple channels which gives them extended audience reach. Give us the steering of your Social Media Campaign, and we will create a buzz of your business in all the major social media platform.

Building Content Pages Within Social Media

Creating content for social media platform is very tricky. Educating your customers on social media is never the style. We will build your content pages as per it require to look in the desired platforms. Our content strategist knows that humanly content with some element of engagement is your best bet to communicate.

Social Media Marketing strategies

Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Real Social Media Engagement

A real social media engagement is when audience draws towards your brand. It doesn’t stop there they want to keep coming back. We will help you to give such an experience to your audience. Our social media experts will know more about your target audience with you, as you are one who knows them.

We Will Create Goals That Will Solve Your Biggest Problem

Remember, Social media marketing is not just an on & off button. It is planning just like a recipe. Every ingredient in the process is very crucial. Creating goals is the first which will solve the business problems. We will help you find achievable goals so that you can grow your business in the right direction.

We Will Research Your Social Media Audience

Researching your audience can be tiring when it concerns social media. The demographics of the audience varies from platform to platform. Our SMM experts will understand who purchase your product, which age group is difficult, and stats like this. These stats will help build the perfect strategy that will help you grow.

We Will Analyses Your Social Competing Landscape

It is very crucial to understand the landscape before portraying it. Our Social Media artists will first analyse your competitors. We will never steal anything from them. We will learn from their failures and successes. This way we can enhance the quality of the content that will make it superior to your competitors.

So, Are You Ready To Grow Your Online Traffic And Business?

Why Our SMO Services Are The Best?

Social Media Marketing is all about being a brand which is Batchleap Techs sole purpose. You might have a question like, “How Social Media Presence will impact the growth of our website?” We say that by leaving social media, you will lose a huge chunk of potential global customers.


With Social Media Marketing Services you can leverage this segment of the audience. They will help your company grow emphatically. You will see a visible difference in your website traffic once you choose us for the Social media services.


Build Yourself As A Brand With Batchleap Techs Social Media Services
When We Understand Your Business, We Will Reach The Relevant Audience That Will Help You In Spreading Online

How Can You Use Content On Social Media Platform?
Social Media Content is very important to a marketing strategy. Planning out content hence become one of the crucial tasks of all time. Content needs to be a perfect fit for the identity of the brand. Promoting that content is another thing that is important. Using visual content is another aspect that will require your attention. Images and videos tend to be more engaging than text content. If you feel lost, then we can help you in getting in command.
Consistency Of The Brand Is The Key
You are using social media marketing to build a brand image of your company. To create an image, you must make sure that the brand is uniform with the vision it is showing. There are various platforms with its unique audience. You must adapt differently for each type to gain the attention. That’s the tip-off. Need targeted actions? We can help you with that.
Tracking Your Effort Is Always Important

When handling social media campaigns, keeping the tracks of your progress is very important. The realm of business is changing very quickly. There will always be some things to test and replace as per the results. When you have the list of all actions you have taken, it becomes easy to comprehend the end-results. Feel difficult to hold on to the details, let us handle that for you.

Allow Media fortress To Show You The Real Strength Of Social Media Marketing.

We Will Analyse Your Social Reach And Then Suggest You How You Can Improvise On It

When a potential customer visits your website, he seeks for the things that will make you different from your competitors. When you choose us, we will give you the enhanced exposure on social media platforms which will magnify your brand recognition among your peers and prospects.

It is Important for you to be active on social media platforms. It not only increases your online traffic but also drives your potential buyer to take action. Reliability is another factor that motivates the audience.

Social media platforms can help you in that if done correctly. Our Social media experts will design the content which will impact the psyche of the audience to build trust and reliability. Contact us and let’s discuss the future of your business together.


Ever Wondered About These Questions?

Let Us Clear These For You

Do I Really Need Social Media?

Social media is where your target audience is. Apart from maybe a couple of rare exceptions, people of all ages, interests, and socio-economic statuses are on social media. Every successful Social Media platform has a higher reach than all TV channels combined.

How To Measure ROI In Social Media?

Measuring social media ROI is one of the biggest frustrations of business owners and one of the most frequently asked questions about social media. While you can't measure all SMM effects, you should still measure the ones you can. Start with setting your conversion goals. Again, your ROI depends on getting people to your website or another URL where conversions happen. And the list goes on and on.

What Skills Should A Social Media Marketer Have?

First and foremost, the skills of listening, communicating, and problem-solving. They should be able to read and interpret data. With social listening and Big Data key to the field, it is essential to understand numbers.

Can I Repost The Same Content On Different Social Media Networks?

Yes! Users would rarely follow the same brand on many networks. By reposting the same content, you reach more people. Besides, it leads to network integration users might find your content on Twitter and later post it on their Reddit page.

How To Handle Negative Comments On Social Media?

Fast. Use a Social Media Monitoring tool to be there right away for any outraged customer. Research shows that people take it better when their complained is answered too quickly, even if the problem is not solved.